The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit

What if you never had to struggle with publishing your book?

With The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit, there's no need for stress, fancy tech, or endless Google searches because you'll learn how to self-publish your book for print and Kindle using this easy-to-follow toolkit.

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Are you tired of trying to figure out how to publish your book?


You want it OUT THERE already... but are you also worried that your book won't look professional, represent your message, or you'll need some fancy tech skills or software?

What if publishing your book didn’t have to be so hard? (I mean, you know it isn’t THAT hard… that person who doesn’t seem as smart, talented, and AWESOME as you already has their book on Amazon. Why can’t YOU seem to figure it out…)

Frankly, self-publishing a book can be very complicated – especially to do it well. But it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to keep struggling to figure it out (or worse, Googling and getting conflicting details!) This is exactly why I created The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit – to bring together my best self-publishing details WITH an easy-to-use pre-formatted book template AND best practices so you can successfully self-publish your book and have it look professional.

And the best news? You can do it all in just a few days!

(I say days because it IS work and will take time – how many hours depends on the length of your book.)

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With The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit you get:


  • An easy-to-use, pre-formatted book layout template – all you need to do is drop in your content!
  • Instructional videos to go with that template so you understand how to customize it for your book – and what pitfalls to avoid so your book will look professional.
  • A checklist to make sure your book has all the sections it needs, in order, so that it is able to share your message with the world.
  • Exactly what you need to set up your KDP Publishing Account with – including information for direct deposit and banking.
  • PLUS my Cover Design Resource Guide that teaches what makes a successful book cover AND exactly who to hire to make it beautiful.

    And the juicy bonuses of Formatting for Kindle AND The Easy Table of Contents Generator.

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“Kim takes all the mystery out of publishing. Kim is interesting and engaging while presenting me with the tools to successfully complete the publishing process. I feel like I benefited from her trial & error and all the expertise she’s gained. I’m excited to go publish my book right now!”


Right now you’re struggling with
self-publishing your book.

The layout SEEMED like it would be easy and yet…

  • You’re not happy with how it’s looking.
  • It’s more complicated that it seemed (and you’re sure you’re missing that One Thing that makes it easy.)
  • For some reason, your book isn’t looking like the books on your bookshelf… and you don’t know why!

And there’s this little voice in your head that is saying:

  • I COULD hire this out but it’ll cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. That just isn’t sustainable because I want to publish more than ONE book.
  • I really don’t want my book to look amateur or cheap but I’ve got no clue how to make it look professional.
  • I don’t have TIME to keep fighting this self-publishing process. I want it OUT THERE and I want it done quickly (while still looking professional!)

Imagine if self-publishing your book CAN be easy!


That you can get this done in a days – not weeks. (Okay, maybe a week if you book is longer!)

And your book will look professional – with a great cover – because you have an easy-to-fill-in template to use AND a complete toolkit at your fingers.

Deep breath! It really is possible.

“When you are setting out to publish a book, it feels great knowing that Kim Eldredge is in your court. An experienced author and publisher, Kim always seems eager to share her knowledge with her clients and does so willingly.”


Keep your eye on the prize,
my fellow author.

Because once your book is published all new doors open up:

  • You’re sharing your message.
  • You’ve fulfilled your dream of being a Published Author.
  • You can attract better speaking gigs and awesome clients.
  • You’re helping people through your book – people who you may have never reached otherwise.
  • You’ve created a stream of passive income.

You’ve done the hard work with writing your book. Self-publishing it (and having it look professional) isn’t impossible OR hard.

Get The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit right now for only $49.

Why is this so cheap? What’s wrong with it? (Or what is it missing?!)

In a nutshell: Nothing.

Let me explain:

Over the past ten years, I’ve coached hundreds of clients to write their books and then helped them with Assisted Self-Publishing for many of them. (Meaning, I do everything I’m teaching you in The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit.) My clients have gone on to touch thousands of lives, make thousands of dollars, and yes, many are Amazon best-selling authors to boot.

Then in October 2020, just six weeks after the birth of our second child, the unthinkable happened. A medical mistake nearly killed me – and forced me to be on La-Z-Boy “bed rest” for five months. I couldn’t care for my kids, I couldn’t sit up unsupported, and I certainly couldn’t work.

I won’t go into all the horrible things that rattled around in my brain during that time period but TWO of them are relevant to you:

  • My business was dependent on ME doing the work. How was I going to help authors just like you get YOUR message out if I wasn’t there to do it?
  • What if all my knowledge on how to successfully self-publish a book was lost? How would that cause a ripple effect in the world because my authors weren’t sharing their message?

For the most part, I find guilt to be a useless emotion but in this period of my life… so much guilt.
Now that I’m really on the road to recovery, I need to know that authors, just like you, are able to get professional message-driven books into the world – even if I’M not the one doing the formatting!

Enter The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit!

Because I want you, yes YOU, to be able to self-publish your book. To share your message. To stop fighting with the formatting, the layout, the cover design, and ALL THOSE UNKNOWNS to just get it out there.

My goal for you is to be able to publish your book. Share your message. And do it NOW, not later.

The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit makes it EASY. And even if your book isn’t 100% done, you can start to think about what comes next – Publishing!

Here’s exactly what you get in The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit:

Setting Up Your Publishing Account

Before you can publish your book, you've got to set up your publishing account with Amazon. This step alone can feel daunting – so let me walk you through it. I’ll also show you how to avoid costly pitfalls that can cause delays, or worse, problems reporting your earnings to the IRS.

Pre-Formatted Book Template

This is a pre-formatted, 6x9 book template for you to use – just drop in your content and GO. But more than a simple template (where you’re still guessing HOW to use it) I give you videos on exactly what to do.

Formatting and Typo Hunting

Nothing makes your book look amateur and unprofessional faster than great content… lousy formatting. Or worse – leaving simple typos that you “should” have caught. Here’s my system to format the book so it’s beautiful and to hunt down typos.

How to Create Your Book's Cover

I hate to burst your bubble, my darling author, but YOU are NOT a graphic designer! Which means that no matter how many pennies you want to pinch or how skilled you think you are in Canva, you need to hire a professional cover designer. Learn who, how, and when!

Listing Your Book on KDP

Let’s go deep on what file type you need to use (and WHY), how to get the most out of the digital proofer, and why you want to order a physical proof. Then once you’re ready to publish, there is information on how to price your book for all marketplaces.

PLUS these great bonuses:

Formatting for Kindle:
MOST authors I speak to think that getting “just” their Kindle version out there is where to start. But guess what? You’re FAR better off starting your formatting with the print version? Why? Because then formatting for Kindle is a breeze. Go the other way and it’s much harder.

So I’m GIVING you my crazy-simple way to go from print to eBook (this is going to knock your socks off!)

Value: $500

The Easy Table of Contents Generator:
Every book needs a Table of Contents – but just because your book MUST have it, doesn’t mean that it MUST be a tech nightmare to create. Here’s the best way to build your TOC – and make sure that all your chapters and page numbers are listed.

Value: $300

Yes, that’s $800 in just bonuses.

And when I do Assisted Self-Publishing for my clients, the packages start at $2000. (Okay, so they DO include a copy edit – you’ll still want to hire an editor for your book.)

But you get my ENTIRE publishing system in The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit. And I want to make it crazy-affordable so YOU can get your book published and start sharing your message.

That’s why it’s only $49.
(For a limited time.)

Ready to get started?

“I'm so excited to get going with my publishing! This course offered more information that I expected and all of the information was thoroughly usable. Points were brought to light that I hadn't thought of and I'm so excited to get started!”


Or maybe you still have a few questions?

Q. How do I know this will work for my book?

A. The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit is perfect for any text-based book like:

  • Novel
  • History
  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Memoir
  • Travel guide
  • Academic
  • Professional/Trade
  • Philosophy and insight
  • Self-help and instruction
  • Guides and how-to manuals
  • Narrative/Creative Nonfiction
  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Cultural/Social Issues
  • Business/Finance

With a little more formatting, you can also use The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit for poetry or a cookbook.

If you’re publishing a book that is graphic-laden, has tons of charts, or is a picture book (like a full-bleed children’s book) then, The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit actually ISN’T a great fit. These types of books need a more skilled designer to set up each page correctly.

Q. How long will it take me to format and publish my book?

A. I’ve broken the process down step-by-step so you can easily publish your book in a week or two.

And I’m only saying THAT long because I figure you need to give your cover designer a few days to work!
I’ve taken the guesswork and hassle out of your book – so all you have to do is pop your final draft into the template.

Q. I’m not techy. What will I need?

A. Great news! All you need is Microsoft Word

You don’t need any fancy software or special skills. If you can copy and paste, you’re good to go!

Q. I don’t use Microsoft Word. What else can I use?

A. Here’s the thing...

I know that Mac users are in LOVE with Pages and there is a growing contingency of folks who think Google Docs are da bomb dot com. But when it comes to SIMPLY laying out your book in a format that Amazon can read – with the fewest headaches – Word is where it’s at. You may be able to use the information on HOW to do the steps even if you’re not a Microsoft Word user, but the template is set up for Microsoft Word.

Q. I don’t want my book to LOOK self-published. Will this still look professional?

A. And how does “self-published” look?

In all seriousness, I totally get it. You want your book to look and feel as professional as possible – so that your message stands on its own. In The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit, I not only show you how to format the interior of your book in a beautiful and professional manner (that’s easy!) I also GIVE you my secret weapon for cover design.

Q. Does The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit include how to design my book cover?


Well, it tells you exactly why you don’t want to DIY a cover and how to hire a professional graphic artist instead. (WITHOUT breaking the bank!) In fact, I’m GIVING you the link to MY secret weapon cover designer. As in, the one I use for all of my high-dollar publishing clients. And the best news? It’s affordable for even the smallest budget.

Q. How long do I have to access The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit?

A. Lifetime!

This isn’t a limited-time access course. As soon as you purchase, you’ll be able to access the online training area and see the entire product all at once. Go through it was quickly or slowly as you need.

Now you may be thinking… 

Kim, this is sounding great. But how do I REALLY know that this is for me?

My dearest author, I get it. You are lovely and unique – and your message is precious. You’re ready to share it in your book.
So here’s who I (directly) had in mind when I created this product:

  • Busy professionals who have written their book and who want to get it out on Amazon FAST – not waiting 3, 6, 12 months for someone to do it for them.
  • Message-driven authors who want to finally share their message.
  • Legacy authors who have written their book to share a personal or family story and who don’t want to invest thousands of dollars to see it published. (BTW this is PERFECT if you want to publish your genealogy research for your family to enjoy.)
  • Authors who have attempted self-publishing before but got bogged down in “I Don’t Know How To Do THAT” techy stuff.

So here’s how The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit works:

As soon as you purchase, you’ll have:

  • Lifetime, online access to the entire product
  • Download the pre-formatted template
  • Watch the explanation videos (internet access required)
  • Download (and print) all the checklists

PLUS you’ll also get the bonuses right away too. No waiting!

*Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.*

Now imagine where you can be after The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit…

In just a week or two, you can be holding YOUR VERY OWN BOOK in your hands. You’re no longer struggling to get your book into the world, you’re a Published Author.

  • People can buy your book – including people you don’t know!
  • You’ll have created a stream of passive revenue and get paid directly from Amazon.
  • You don’t have to have a garage full of books that you need to try to sell yourself.
  • You can give your clients and prospects a link to buy your book.
  • You can use your book to grow your business – because it’s FINALLY published and on!

Don’t let buying The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit be one more thing to think about. You’ve already been dreaming of your book for how long?

A decade? (Or more!?)

So grab your copy of The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit, now, while you’re on this page. It’s available for the no-brainer price of $49 – but it’ll only be offered at that rate for a limited time.